The Holy Spirit in the City

Dear Friends,This past Sunday we talked about praying for the Holy Spirit to do great things in the city, and then planning and acting on those prayers. Tonight you have a wonderful opportunity to come and pray with Mosaic Boston for the city of Boston at our mid-week Worship & Theology gathering. We'll be meeting in the YMCA Library at 7pm. Join us!

When is the last time you asked God about revealing His will to you? Do you ever wonder about what you can practically do to discern God's will? A couple times in his book, Nehemiah says something along the lines of "what my God had put into my heart to do for Jerusalem" (2:12, 7:5). Join us this Sunday as we meditate on how to develop a sensitivity to what God puts in our hearts to do for His Kingdom.

Praying for you, Jan Mosaic Nehemiah