Pray Hard for God

Pray hard for GodDear Friends,

I believe that as a church, God has led Mosaic Boston into a season of focused prayer. God will provide for us, as He always has. However, even in this time of desperation, we mustn't forget that our greatest needs are not physical, but spiritual. Thus, our most fervent prayers mustn't be "to God" but "for God." We don't just need more of His blessing; we need more of His presence, which is the ultimate blessing.

This Sunday we're continuing our series through the parables of Jesus with a look at two of His parables about persistent prayer, found in Luke 11:1-13 and Luke 18:1-8. Please study and pray through these Scriptures and join us for worship on Sunday. I believe Luke 11:13 with all my heart: "the heavenly Father [WILL] give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” He will give Himself to us if we persistently seek Him through prayer.

Praying for you [and for a new worship space], Pastor Jan