May 25, 2012

NehemiahDear Friends,

Life in the city can get so hectic sometimes, wouldn't you agree? There's always something else to do and somewhere else to go someone else to see. There's always a game to watch, or a show to see, or another assignment to do or project to complete. So with this hustle and bustle, all too often we lose sight of what really matters. As we run around doing a lot of good things, we sometimes forget about the great things.

This week, we're focusing our attention on Nehemiah chapter 6, where the big idea is found in verse 3, "I am doing a great work and I cannot come down." Nehemiah has zeroed in on his "great work" and was so focused on doing something GREAT for God that nothing simply GOOD could distract him. This story is rich with practical truths for our lives. Plan to join us on Sunday!

Praying for you, Jan