July 27, 2012

Parables of JesusDear Friends,

Have you ever been away from home for a really, really long time? Have you ever felt homesick? That's the worst, isn't it? As great as they are, the places you've visited, and the people you've met just never quite feel like home. What's the remedy for that lingering feeling? Coming home, of course! Now, do you remember that feeling? The feeling of coming home? There's nothing quite like it. With a huge sigh of relief, you drops your bags, kick off your shoes, and you feel like you can finally rest. The feeling of coming home is infinitely better if you've got someone at home who loves you and misses you.

Scripture tells us that repentance feels like coming home. At Mosaic Boston, we also believe that church should feel like coming home. This Sunday, as we conclude the Series in the Parables, we will study Luke 15 where God is a Father and He rejoices when His children come home. He stands arms wide open, and says, "Welcome home my dear child. I've been waiting." We learn that home isn't just where the heart is; home is where God is.

Praying for you [and a new worship space], Pastor Jan

Mosaic Boston is starting a NEW CHURCH in Allston this fall: “Mosaic Allston”. Core group meetings begin August 5th, 6pm, 30 Gordon St, Allston, MA, 02134. Join us for an exciting ride!

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