Dear Mosaic Family,Scripture teaches that God has created everything, including time. In Ecclesiastes 3, God the Poet gives us a poem to understand time with our minds and hearts; to see how He has created everything beautiful in its time.

Time is the fundamental and ineradicable feature of our lives. The unbelievable brevity of our lives deeply conflicts with the deep-seated yearning for permanence. We experience only time, yet we desire timelessness. Why, for heaven's sake? Where did we ever learn of this thing called eternity, to desire it? If our lives have always been characterized by time, why don't we feel at home in it? Do fish complain about being wet? Perhaps there is land? Why do we complain about time? Perhaps there is eternity? Join us tomorrow as we reason together.

Praying for you, Pastor Jan

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Coming Up:

September 22. Sunday, 12-6pm. Allston Street Fair. Meet at the ICC at 1pm to help with this outreach effort.
September 27. Friday, 7pm. Alpha Training. If you can volunteer to help run Alpha, plan to join us.
October 4. Friday, 7pm. Relaunching Alpha! ICC. Invite your friends to explore Christianity!
October 7. Monday, 7pm. Leadership Training. ICC. If you're interested in developing as a servant leader at Mosaic, join us!
October 20. Sunday, 6pm in Allston. Baptism service. Interested in getting baptized? Let us know!
October 26. Saturday, 10am-noon.Membership Meeting. Lunch provided! ICC.
November 1-2. Church Retreat. Ashford, Ct. Details forthcoming. Mark the date!
Pre-service Prayer: Every Sundaymorning, Mosaic holds a preservice prayer meeting at 9am. Please join us in theater #8 to pray for our church, our city, and our world!

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