Don't Waste Your Passion

Dear Church,We are intrigued and inspired by passionate people. In just about any sphere of life imaginable, our attention is drawn to the people most brimming with passion for their cause. Can you think of someone like that? Whenever they talk about their cause, there is fire in their bones, energy in their voice, and light in their eyes. We love and admire people who live passionate lives for worthy causes.  Passionate people make the most impact in our world--they change the world. We want some of that passion. Where do we get that passion?

Scripture teaches us that God has created us to live passionate lives. But there are innumerable causes vying for your passion, and unfortunately many of them are unworthy of it. These are the things that end up extinguishing our passion. Join us tomorrow as we consider the ultimate object worthy of our passion which will ignite and reignite your passion.

Praying for you, Pastor Jan