Brand New Sermon Series: "Mystic"

Dear Mosaic Family,Have you ever heard someone say something like: "I'm not religious; I'm spiritual'? At Mosaic, we're cool with that statement, as long as it points us back to Jesus, his saving Work, and the spiritual life he calls us to experience, daily. However, we don't want the quip, "I'm spiritual," to be excuse for spiritual vagueness and laziness. We want to grow in true spirituality by exercising our souls regularly in the manner our Lord has prescribed for us.

For the next five weeks, we'll be be talking about some ancient (yet strikingly relevant) spiritual disciplines for Christian soul, in order to grow in our spirituality. We're starting a brand new sermon series called: "Mystic." You definitely don't want to miss it! Let's start 2014 off right, with a firm commitment to grow in true spirituality.

Praying for you, Pastor Jan