Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!

Dear Church,Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!

Tomorrow, the world celebrates the most significant event in the history of the universe: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus vanquished death, and in the death of Christ, we see the death of death. Praise God!

This is great news, because we all have a terminal illness. Life is always fatal. No one gets out alive. No one will recover. Death is implacable; it is the inexorable monster. But, what is death? Why do we die? These are questions poets, philosophers, mystic thinkers ask... and children. Answering the question, "Why am I dying?" will help you answer the question: "Why am I living?"

Join us tomorrow to think through these questions, meditate, pray, and celebrate life! Christ is Risen!!

Praying for you, Pastor Jan

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