What's the Point?

Dear Friends,This Sunday, we're launching a brand new sermon series through the haunting and provocative book of Ecclesiastes. The book is one of the most brilliant ever penned about life as it wrestles with some of the most confounding questions ever asked.

Case in point: the question we're asking this Sunday is, "What's the Point?" We've all asked the question. The book of Ecclesiastes is profoundly helpful in helping us find a meaningful answer. You definitely don't want to miss this series. Praying for you, Pastor Jan


Coming up:

September 6. Friday at 7pm  - Church-wide prayer and worship gathering. 30 Gordon St. Allston (ICC).September 12. Thursday at 7pm - Community Group Dinner and Relaunch. Location TBD.

September 14. Saturday, 9am-noon - Membership class.

September 21. Saturday, 10am. Women's Brunch. ICC.

October 4. Friday, 7pm. Relaunching Alpha! ICC. We need your help!

October 20. Sunday, 6pm in Allston. Baptism service. Interested in getting baptized? Let us know!

October 26. Saturday, 10am-noon.Membership Meeting. Lunch provided! ICC.

November 1-2. Church Retreat. Ashford, Ct. Details forthcoming. Mark the date!

Pre-service Prayer: Every Sundaymorning, Mosaic holds a preservice prayer meeting at 9am. Please join us in theater #8 to pray for our church, our city, and our world!

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