An Inconvenient Truth

Dear Mosaic Family,Tomorrow, we'll be studying Acts 19, where the Apostle Paul preaches the Gospel in Ephesus and calls people to worship Jesus instead of false idols. Instead of debating the cogency of Paul's arguments, the people realize that if they follow Jesus, they will lose their jobs making idols and will no longer profit from tourism to the pagan temples in their city. They realize that if they follow Jesus, they will have to make a huge sacrifice. However, they don't want to make a sacrifice, so instead, they reject Jesus.

A quick logic refresher may be helpful before you listen to tomorrow's sermon from Acts 19. Here's the logical progression behind the action in Acts 19:

(1) If claim C is true, X is the case. (2) I find X difficult, inconvenient, repulsive, or undesirable in some other way. (3) (So) claim C is false.

Of course the argument is missing a premise:

(4) If I find X difficult, inconvenient, repulsive, or undesirable in some other way, X is not the case.

This faulty logic is one of the main reasons why people reject Christianity. Tomorrow, we'll talk about the irrationality of pretending truths do not exist, or don't apply to you, simply because you don't like them.

Praying for you, Pastor Jan

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