Christ is Risen!

Dear Mosaic Family,Happy Easter! Or, more accurately, happy "Resurrection Day!" Join ustomorrow as we celebrate the single most import fact in the history of the world. Come and bring everyone you know! We're having two services, as usual, 10am at the Regal in theater 12, and 6pm at the ICC. Theater 12 has 505 seats so there's plenty of room for everyone!

We're also launching a 5 week series we're calling "Why God Why." During this series, we will show why it makes emotional, personal, and intellectual sense to believe in Jesus Christ. Why are we starting with showing that Christianity makes emotional sense? Why not start with the intellectual arguments? Good question. Because we aren't just brains. We aren't purely intellectual beings. That's why we do do irrational things, all the time. That's why we're all addicted to something.

A few years ago, a group of atheists in England financed an advertising campaign where they wrapped buses with the following message: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life." The questionable word in the ad isn't "probably"; it's "enjoy." This is a categorical error. There is much more to us, and life, than enjoyment. We can't just "enjoy" life, because we have more emotions than "enjoying." When we're not enjoying life, we're busy feeling hope, boredom, curiosity, anxiety, irritation, fear, joy, bewilderment, hate, tenderness, despair, relief, exhaustion, heartache, etc. The Resurrection of the Son of God, speaks to our minds, our souls, and our hearts.

Join us tomorrow, as we celebrate the Resurrection of the Son of God!

Praying for you,

Pastor Jan

Coming up:

Membership Class: Not a member of Mosaic, yet? No worries! We've got another membership class coming up on Saturday,May 17th, 9am-noon at the ICC. Attending this class is the first step to becoming an official member of Mosaic Church.

Community Service Opportunity: Mosaic Boston is partnering with several community organizations to clean up Ringer Park in Allston, on Saturday April 26th, 9am-1pm. This is a fantastic opportunity to display the renewing work of Christ in a tangible way. If you would like to participate, please email pastor Shane:

Why(God)WhyWe've got a phenomenal 5-week sermon series coming up, in which we'll ask and answer the biggest objections people have to Christianity. Do you have questions regarding the veracity of Christianity? Do you know anyone who is spiritually searching? Then definitely come and invite your friends! The series begins on Easter Sunday, April 20th!

Pre-service Prayer:  Every Sunday morning, Mosaic holds a pre-service prayer meeting at 9am. Please join us in theater #8 to pray for our church, our city, and our world!

Member Meeting: Saturday, July 12th, 10am-noon. ICC. If you're a member, plan to attend our quarterly members' meeting.

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