Questions about the Bible.

Dear Mosaic Family,
     Tomorrow at Mosaic, we're wrapping up our "Why God Why" series with a sermon attempting to answer why it's reasonable to believe in the Bible as God's means by which He reveals Himself and His will to the world. Even if a person believes in God and in Jesus Christ as the way God has revealed himself, many still have a hard time accepted the Bible as God's Word. 

“You don’t honestly believe that, do you?” Why would anyone believe in an authoritative book about absolute truth? Silly.
Funny thing is, whenever anyone wants to refute or discredit this book--they do it by writing their own book. In order to discredit the Bible, you can't just discredit it, you have to supplant it. In order to refute these words, they write their own words. In order to counter these absolute words, they come up with their own absolute words. "Don’t believe in the Bible. Buy my book, that tells you why you shouldn’t believe in the Bible. Don’t follow Jesus. Follow me." So if there's no way around a worldview built on some version of absolute truth, why is it reasonable to believe in the Bible? Good question. 

Be sure to join us tomorrow as we wrestle with questions about the Bible. 

Praying for you,
Pastor JanWhyGodWhy---Bible

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