This Changes Everything!

Dear Mosaic Family,

We have recently finished a sermon series proving the veracity of Christianity. However, after you show someone that Christianity is true, a nagging question lingers: "So what?" If Jesus came back from the dead, and He truly is God, and everything He said is true, how does that change my life? How does the Gospel, the phenomenal news of God's grace and redemption in the person and work of Jesus, impact my work, money, sex, relationships, and my relationship to His church?

We're devoting the next five weeks to super-practical sermons on how the Gospel really does change everything! You definitely don't want to miss this series. Join us tomorrow as we learn how the Gospel redeems our work.

Praying for you, Pastor Jan

Coming up:

Service opportunityMosaic holds a worship service at the Susan Bailis Assisted Living Community in the South End, twice a month (2nd and last Monday of every month,7-9pm). Edgar Vasiliu is in charge of this ministry and he needs two or three reliable and committed volunteers. He is also looking for a lead vocalist to lead the group in worship. If you're interested, email

Pre-service Prayer:  Every Sunday morning, Mosaic holds a pre-service prayer meeting at 9:15am. Please join us in theater #8 to pray for our church, our city, and our world!

Member Meeting: Saturday, July 12th, 10am-noon. ICC. If you're a member, plan to attend our quarterly members' meeting.

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