Jesus & Wrath

Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath

Dear Mosaic Family,

Wrath is probably the most complicated of the 7. Many us us wouldn't say we have a problem with anger, not outright, flipping out, off the chain, destructive, violent anger. However, how often do you feel slighted? How often do you take offense at how people treat you? How often do you get irritated? How often do you grumble or complain? These feelings, though not necessarily sinful, do point to potential problems with anger.

The sin of wrath is further complicated because it can be righteous or unrighteous. Scripture often talks of the wrath or the anger of God. Actually, the wrath of God is mentioned more than 600 times in Scripture. The reason God feels wrath is because God is love; his wrath flows out of his love. This is highly counterintuitive, but makes sense when you think about it. As a result of Gods great loves for us, he despises absolutely anything that might hurt us, even our own sin.

A good way to discern whether your anger is righteous or unrighteous is the following question: are these feelings motivated by love for God and people? If so, then we can channel that energy into productivity aimed at healing the brokenness and injustice of our hearts and our world. If not, then we need the Gospel.

Blessings! Pastor Jan


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