Jesus & Envy

Dear Mosaic Family,What are you envious of? Whom are you envious of?

Did you notice I didn't say, "are you envious?" We all struggle with envy, not matter how much we hate to admit it. More so today, than at any other time in world history. Thanks to social networking, we are constantly given a front row seat to the highlight reel of people's lives. As we watch the greatest accomplishments and happiest moments in the lives of our friends, colleagues, and family members, we feel envy sucking the joy out of our seemingly mediocre lives.

As we desire to have someone else's life, or have what they have, we become unhappy about their happiness, and happy about their unhappiness. Worst of all, as we lose the ability to enjoy the lives God has given us we become embittered at Him and at people. So what should we do?

Join us tomorrow as we discuss where and how to find freedom from the soul-lacerating sin of envy in the grace of the Gospel of Christ.

Blessings! Pastor Jan

P.S. Dear members, don't forget about our last quarterly members' meeting of the year on Saturday, October 18th, 10am-noon at the ICC.



Members' Meeting Saturday, October 18th, 10am-Noon at the ICC. 30 Gordon St. Allston If you're a member of Mosaic, or have taken a membership class and have sent Pastors Jan and Shane all your materials, please join us for our last quarterly members' meeting of the year.

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