Jesus & Pride

Seven Deadly Sins: Pride


Dear Mosaic Family, We're closing out our series on the "Seven Deadly Sins" with the deadliest one -- Pride.

Someone once remarked that the seven deadly sins are the pallbearers of the soul. I think that's a strong way of putting it. However, I would separate pride from the other six. If the others are deadly, pride is damning. It's not just a pallbearer, it's an incinerator. It estranges us from God like nothing else, because it actively rebels against God, vies for his throne, and writes him out of existence from our pseudo-reality.

Moreover, the self-entitlement produced by pride leads to every other sin. Our self-entitlement leads to the sins of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, and envy. "Of course I can do those things," our pride tells us, "I deserve it."

Join us tomorrow as we learn about the damning sin of pride, the beautiful virtue of humility, and the Christ whose humility saves us from our pride, and affirms us through his love.


Pastor Jan



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