Faith & Money

Dear Mosaic Family,How does your faith impact your views on money? How do you view and treat those whom you deem "wealthier" than you are? How do you view and treat those who may not be as wealthy as you? Scripture teaches that nothing more clearly reveals the state of your heart than your view of money and material possessions. Do you worship money, or do you worship with your money? Do you love money and use people, or do you love people and use money to bless them? Be sure to join us tomorrow as we worship together and study James 5:1-6, where James teaches us the importance of viewing money from an eternal perspective.

Praying for you, Pastor Jan

P.S. If you are not yet a member of Mosaic Boston, you're welcome to attend our next membership class on Wednesday, January 28th at 7pm. Please email me if you would like to attend.

P.P.S. If you are member or have taken a membership class and completed all the requirements for membership, please plan to attend our next membership meeting on Saturday, February 7th, 10am, 25 Monmouth St, Brookline.


Membership Class Wednesday, January 28th, 7-9pm. Email Pastor Jan if you would like to attend:

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Pre-service Prayer 

Every Sunday morning, Mosaic holds a pre-service prayer meeting at 8:45am. Please join us in theater #8 to pray for our church, our city, and our world!

Membership Meeting Saturday, February 7th, 10am-noon. 25 Monmouth St, Brookline. If you're a member, or if you've completed all the requirements for becoming a member, please plan to attend.


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