Heroes: Moses

Dear Mosaic Family,A couple years ago, when we had just started the church, a first time visitor approached me after the worship service (back when we used to meet in the basement of the YMCA on Huntington Ave). That day I preached a sermon on God's law as given to Moses (the Mosaic law), which showed us our desperate need for Christ. The gentleman approached me with a quizzical expression and asked me: "Is this church actually a synagogue?" "No, we're a church," I responded, "why would you think we're a synagogue?" "Because you're called Mosaic... after Moses, right?" Since I'm preaching on the life of Moses, tomorrow, I think it makes sense to clarify that we're not called Mosaic after Moses (though Moses is integral to Scripture and the Gospel). We're called Mosaic after a literal "mosaic." We love the imagery conveyed through a mosaic and how it beautifully describes our human condition: we're all broken, fragmented, fractured people. However, when we come to Jesus, and accept His work on the cross in our place, God takes our brokenness and makes it beautiful by uniting us with Him and one another. He then raises up his church, shines his glory through us, and we image Him and the glory of his Gospel to the city of Boston and beyond.

Be sure to join us tomorrow as we learn from the life of the great hero of the faith, Moses, and see how his life foreshadows the Ultimate Superhero, Jesus Christ.

Praying for you, Pastor Jan



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