Heroes: David

Dear Mosaic Family,Tomorrow, we'll be concluding our "Heroes" sermon series tomorrow by looking at the life of David. The life of David is the longest and greatest single narrative presentation of a single individual human life in all of ancient literature--not just in the Bible. We'll begin by looking at the story of David and Goliath, which is one of those stories everyone knows and most totally miss the point. The interpretation and application usually goes like this: we've all got giants in our lives, but when we face our giants with faith--the bigger they are, the harder they fall. The problem with this superficial interpretation is twofold: 1. It totally misses the point of God being the hero of this story, and 2. David is not successful in spite of his weakness; he is successful because of it. God is the hero of The Story, therefore he loves using those who are weak and saving through weakness. As long as David was fully dependent on God, he was victorious; as soon as he started depending on himself, he fell hard.

Be sure to join us tomorrow as we learn from the life of the great hero of the faith, David, and see how his life foreshadows the Ultimate Superhero, Jesus Christ. Take 20 minutes today to read through 1 Samuel 172 Samuel 11-12, and Psalm 51 in preparation for our time together in God's Word.

Praying for you, Pastor Jan

P.S. We'll be worshiping in theater #12 for the next three Sundays.

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