What is love?

Dear Mosaic Family,Last week we began a sermon series through the beautiful love story found in the book of Ruth. As we look at Ruth chapter 2 tomorrow, we're introduced to Boaz who is described as a "worthy" man. We're also given a front row seat to the first time Boaz and Ruth meet and their love story begins. Clearly the book is a love story, but one of the things that struck me as I've been studying this text is how sparse the text is regarding the feelings between them. Where are the juicy nuggets?! Where's the swooning? Where's the passion?! The author isn't saying that feelings are not important in a thriving marital relationship--they certainly are! But feelings, though important, are not primary. Love is not primarily a feeling by which we are overwhelmed. The desire to love is not love itself. Love is not primarily sentiment. Love is choice. Love is a choice to sacrifice for another person. This book's timeless message of lasting sacrificial love challenges our culture's view of love as primarily romantic sentiment that comes and goes.

Join us tomorrow as we study Ruth chapter 2, and learn about how God defines love, not as sentiment, but as sacrifice, because "God so loved the world, that he gave..."

Praying for you, Pastor Jan



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