Everybody Loves a Happy Ending

Dear Mosaic Family,The German poet Goethe called the book of Ruth "the loveliest complete work on a small scale" ever written. Alexander Schroder, a literary critic, wrote, "No poet in the world has written a more beautiful short story." Like all the most captivating and satisfying stories, the book of Ruth ends with a happy ending. Boaz and Ruth finally get married. They have a baby. Naomi is comforted. The end. It's a happy ending, and everybody loves a happy ending. It might be a happy ending and we might enjoy their happiness vicariously, even if briefly. However, what does their happiness have to do with ours? So what?! What does their joy have to do with ours in 21st century Boston? How do their lives impact ours? Great questions.

Join us tomorrow as we study Ruth 4:13-21, and reflect on how the happiness of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz can have an absolutely direct impact on our own joy and redemption.

Praying for you, Pastor Jan



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