Working with your Father

Dear Mosaic Family,As we wrap up our series on "Faith at Work" tomorrow, we'll be looking at how the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides the most meaningful answer to the question: "Why work?" Once we have a truly significant answer to the "Why" of work, the practical answers to "How should we work?" flow naturally. However, the most profound difference the Gospel makes regarding our work is by providing the most soul-satisfying answer to the question: "For whom should we work?"

My dad has a painting business in the great state of Rhode Island and I grew up painting with him every summer. Essentially, I worked for him when I painted and he paid me much more than I deserved. However, he used to correct me every time I would say something along the lines of "I work for you." He would stop me, pause, and say, "You don't work for me... you work with me." This was true. He never asked me to do something he wasn't already doing himself.

The Gospel teaches us that we don't ultimately work for ourselves. We work for the God of the universe, who because of the Gospel, is also our loving Father. We don't just work for him, we work with him. The Gospel transforms work from a cold obligation to a loving invitation.

Join us tomorrow as we learn about "The Gospel and Work" and worship the Lord together!

Praying for you, Pastor Jan


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