Honor Mom and Dad

Dear Mosaic Family,Few commandment hit as close to home and as straight to the heart as commandment number 5: "Honor your father and your mother." For some of us, this seems like common sense. For others, this seems archaic, offensive, and potentially painful. Some of us have deeply honorable parents. For others, we would rather not think about our biological parents. Several other factors complicate our receptivity to this commandment. We live in a culture where the idea of family has become fluid and indefinable. Our society has long ago separated sex from marriage, which complicates everything. What constitutes a family? Everything is exacerbated by our culture's visceral reaction to submission and honor. Why should I honor anyone? Why should I submit to anyone? Moreover, our culture prizes youth over wisdom, therefore the young seem to have more intrinsic value and savvy than the old, so why should we honor someone seemingly less worthy of honor.

Be sure to join us tomorrow as we tackle a complex commandment, which offers our culture relevant and life-giving truths. We all come from dysfunctional families, and God welcomes us into his family through Jesus to heal all wounds.

See you tomorrow!

Praying for you, Pastor Jan

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