Jesus for President

Dear Mosaic Family ,I don't know about you, but I think I've had my fill of the mosh-pit morass that this presidential election has become (and we've got 8 more months of it!!). As election season fatigue sets in, it's helpful to remind ourselves of who is really in charge: King Jesus! We all long for a leader who can bring true, lasting, meaningful change. We all long for a leader who is good, kind, benevolent (and honest!). Jesus is a King who has promised to usher in His Kingdom. However, his Kingdom is full of paradox and surprise.

Tomorrow, we'll continue our series in the "Hard Sayings of Jesus" series, by looking at Matthew 11:1-19. The text begins with John the Baptizer, who is in prison for preaching the truth, sending his disciples to Jesus to ask: "Are you the one who is to come or shall we look for another?" This question comes as an absolute shock, because John, as a prophet of God and the cousin of Jesus, knew exactly who Jesus was. John knew that Jesus was the King come to usher in his Kingdom. Yet, John couldn't understand why Jesus, as King, would allow John to be imprisoned. His unmet expectations of the King lead to doubting his goodness and power.

Join us this tomorrow as we look look at one of the most curious passages in all of Scripture and apply it for our lives.

God Bless, Pastor Jan


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