Celebrate (puzzling) Palm Sunday with us!

Dear Mosaic Family ,This Sunday, we are finishing our "Hard Sayings of Jesus" series with a look at Matthew 21:1-22, where Jesus rides in to Jerusalem on the occasion we have come to know as "Palm Sunday." We've chosen to include this passage in our series reflecting on the most perplexing teachings/actions of Jesus, because there's so much in this text that really seems out of place. Why does Jesus tell his disciples to just take some random person's donkeys? Further, why in the world does Jesus ride a donkey in to Jerusalem, especially if He's the Messianic King? What's up with people throwing their shirts on the ground? Palm tree branches? What's Hosanna mean (we sing it all the time, but what in the world does it mean)? Immediately after this pleasant, idyllic scene, Jesus goes to the Temple and goes berserk on the money-changers and sellers of pigeons. What?! Why are pigeons being sold in the Temple? And why such an intense reaction from Jesus? What's going on?

The very next paragraph is also puzzling. Hungry/hangry Jesus goes to a fig tree, and when we saw that it had no fruit on it, he curses it. A little much, Jesus?

Join us this tomorrow as we look at Matthew 21:1-22 and celebrate the (puzzling) Palm Sunday.

Praying for you, Pastor Jan



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