Facing the Future

Dear Mosaic Family ,Last week at Mosaic, we learned about living out our faith in a world where it’s no longer cool, profitable, or even safe to do so. There are times when the Christian life feels like living in the Lions’ Den. Scripture says our enemy Satan prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking who to devour. If you want to live a faithful Christian life, especially in a city like Boston, you will inevitably face pressure from the outside, and temptation from the inside, to conform to the culture around you.

This week, we turn our attention toDaniel chapter 2, which shows us another kind of trial that we’re all sure to face. It’s the struggle of facing the uncertainty of our future. For many people, facing the future is an uncomfortable and fearful thing. It forces us to admit that the things we often take for granted (finances, health, jobs, relationships, reputations, etc.) are extremely fragile, and there is no guarantee that they will be here tomorrow.  This leads some people to obsess about their future, while other do their best to just not think about it. What if there was a way to view the future, not with fear or empty optimism, but with the peace of a sure hope.

Daniel chapter 2 contains one of the clearest and most profound prophecies of the Old Testament. It also shows us where we can find a sure foundation, an anchor for our souls, that will not only enable us to stand firm through the greatest storms of life and death, but also to shine as beacons of hope in a dark and anxious world.

Join us tomorrow as we look at the key to facing our future faith, instead of fear!

Praying for you, Pastor Shane


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