Thou Shalt Not Disagree

Dear Mosaic Family,A.W. Tozer once said: "A new Decalogue has been adopted by the neo-christians of our day, 'Thou shalt not disagree,' and a new set of Beatitudes too, 'Blessed are they that tolerate everything for they shall not be made accountable.'"

These words seem to be truer than ever. Our culture appears to be putting more and more pressure on the Church to conform to the prevailing culture's values. To conform to the culture, the Church is pressured to compromise both theologically and morally. In a seemingly noble desire to accommodate the culture, the church begins to compromise the truth. Once the truth is compromised, morality follows suit. Idolatry and sexual immorality always go hand in hand--spiritual infidelity and sexual infidelity are bedmates. Eventually, compromise renders the witness of the Church null and void.

Though the pressure comes from outside the church, the decision to compromise always comes from within. One small compromise here and one small compromise there, and before you know it, a church is disseminating full-blown heresy and living in absolute apostasy. Unfortunately, this has been the sad story of many a church in Boston.

It's imperative that we learn from the early church in how to withstand the pressures to conform to this world, by continually being transformed by God's Word. Join us tomorrow as we look at Jesus' 3rd letter to the church in Pergamum, found in Revelation 2:12-17.

Praying for you! Pastor Jan


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