Who can make it stop?

Dear Mosaic Family,"Who can make it stop?" This was CNN's headline this morning. After living through another blood-soaked, tear-filled, gut-wrenching week, I think many of us are asking the same heavy question. It's a question that acknowledges our helplessness. It's a question that realizes we are faced with problems greater than even our collective resources can solve. It's a question that longs for someone powerful enough to intervene. 

Who can make the hate stop?

Who can make the racism stop?

Who can make the injustice stop?

Who can make it stop? Profound question. It's a question that erupts out of brokenness, anguish, and humility. I can't make it stop. You can't make it stop. Even we, can't make it stop.

Who can make it stop? Jesus Christ can make it stop. "I know that you have but little power," say Jesus to the church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3, and to us. But fret not, he says. "I am the one who holds the keys to all the doors. The doors I open, no one will shut, and the doors I shut, no one will open."

Join us tomorrow as we cry out to Jesus to make it stop. To close the doors of hate, racism, and injustice, and to open the doors of love, reconciliation, and justice.

Praying for you! Pastor Jan


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