Breaking News for a Broken World

Dear Mosaic Family,I recently went into the settings app on my iPhone, clicked on notifications, and went through each of my news apps and disallowed notifications. Why? Because these last few months, my phone has been buzzing with several notifications of "Breaking News" per day, and most of it regarding something awful that's just happened. Every "Breaking News" event is just another reminder of the brokenness of our fallen world. Tomorrow, we're beginning a brand new sermon series through the book of Romans, which we're calling: "Breaking News for a Broken World." St. Paul the Apostle, wrote this letter to the church in the world class city of Rome, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them. For many of them, it really was "Breaking News." Many in Rome (just like many in Boston) had never heard of the Good News of Jesus, and if they had, they certainly didn't realize the life-altering implications.

We are devoting the next 5 weeks to this incredible book, which means we won't be doing an in-depth, verse-by-verse study. Instead, we'll be taking more of a 30,000ft fly-over of the book, to grasp the larger theological themes interwoven throughout. In order to best prepare yourself for the sermon tomorrow, please read Romans chapters 1-3. Looking forward to worshiping with you tomorrow!

Praying for you! Pastor Jan


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TODAY! Saturday, July 23rd, 5-7pm. Waldstein Park, Dean Rd., Brookline. Everyone at Mosaic is welcome to come hang out, have fun, and meet some great people from Mosaic! The event is "B.Y.O.E" (bring your own everything).

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