The Genetics of your Soul

Dear Mosaic Family,God is a masterful story teller and he has crafted the book of Genesis to teach us about Himself, our world, and ourselves. The word "Genesis" and the words "gene" and "genetic" have the same etymology. To understand ourselves physically, we need to understand our genes or genetics. To understand ourselves spiritually, we need to understand our spiritual genetics. The book of Genesis is given to us by God to understand the genetic code of our soul.

In Genesis chapter 4, through the story of Cain and Abel, God reveals some profound truths about the nature of our hearts and about the subtlety of sin. In one of the most famous phrases in Holy Scripture, God says to Cain (prior to his murdering of Abel), "sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is contrary to you, but you must rule over it." This pithy statement is chock-full of truth about ourselves and holds the keys to living lives of victory over sin. Join us tomorrow as we meditate on these great truths!

In order to best prepare yourself for the sermon tomorrow, please read and meditate on Genesis 4:1-16. Looking forward to worshiping with you!

Praying for you! Pastor Jan

P.S. Next Sunday, October 2nd, Mosaic Boston will be celebrating our 5th Birthday! Happy Birthday Mosaic!! Join us as we celebrate God's grace on our church!

P.P.S. Next Sunday, October 2nd, our evening service will start at 4pm, instead of 5pm, due to an event Temple Ohabei is holding.

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