City of God

Dear Mosaic Family,As we continue our journey through the book of Genesis, we learn about the first city ever built. The city was built by Cain. Although God created everyone to find their deepest satisfaction in Him, by fully glorifying him, Cain seeks to build a life and city apart from God. In Genesis 4:16, we are told, "Cain went away from the presence of the Lord and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden." The first city ever built was an attempt to flee the presence of God. Moreover, in his city, the progeny of Cain begin to create culture and civilization, apart from God. We learn that the culture is godless and humanity continues to degenerate deeper into sin, violence, and perversion.

Thankfully, God doesn't give up on humanity, and gives us a ray of hope at the end of chapter 4. The text tells us, that finally, people "began to call upon the name of the Lord." We learn that God plans to build a city within the city. Within the godless city of man--a burdgeoning city of God. Join us tomorrow as we talk about how the church is called to be the city of God within the city of Boston. The difference between the city of God and the city of man is perfectly summarized by Augustine in his seminal work entitled "The City of God": "the earthly city glorifies in itself, the Heavenly City glorifies in the Lord."

In order to best prepare yourself for the sermon tomorrow, please read and meditate on Genesis 4-5. Looking forward to worshiping with you!

Praying for you! Pastor Jan

P.S. Tomorrow, Mosaic Boston will be celebrating our 5th Birthday! Happy Birthday Mosaic!! Join us as we celebrate God's grace on our church!

P.P.S. TomorrowOctober 2nd, our evening service will start at 4pm, instead of 5pm, due to an event Temple Ohabei is holding.

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Pre-service Prayer 

Join us in the upper hallway of the Temple Ohabei Shalom for a time of pre-service prayer on Sundays at 8:45AM and 4:30PM. It's an opportunity for us to pray for the church, the city, and the world.

Mosaic Youth Group 

Every Sunday, Mosaic holds a youth group gathering during the 9:30service. If you know anyone looking for a youth group, let them know!

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