Chasing Rainbows

Dear Mosaic Family,What do you feel when you see a rainbow?

As we continue our journey through the book of Genesis, and the story of Noah in particular, we see the very first rainbow in all of human history. After over a year in the ark, with his kids, lots of animals, and certainly not enough ventilation, Noah leaves the ark for dry ground and fresh air. Can you even begin to imagine the feeling of getting out of that boat? Over a year in a boat, in some less than ideal accommodations. I get stir-crazy on any flight over 3 hours! Noah comes out and his first reaction is utter bliss! His heart is overjoyed, humbled, and full of thanksgiving, so he responds by worshipping God through sacrifice. God, in turn, makes a covenant with Noah, as symbolized by a rainbow. The first rainbow was a sign of hope. The first rainbow was a symbol of God's love for us and his provision of grace. Rainbows exist where the darkness and light come together and the light overcomes the darkness. Rainbows always appear after storms and their radiating beauty embodies divine hope against the background of human gloom. God is for us and he will make a way.

Join us tomorrow as we look at the incredible text of Holy Scripture found in Genesis 8:1-9:17.

Praying for you! Pastor Jan

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