Wrestling for Blessing

Dear Mosaic Family,Do you want to live a blessed life? Who doesn't?!

In our study of Genesis, the theme of blessing and cursing emerges over and over, forming the metanarrative of the book. In Genesis chapters 1-11, the word "blessed" is used 6 times, to correspond with the word "cursed," which is also used 6 times. Holy Scripture teaches us that our God is a God who wants the absolute best for us. This is great news! This is what Scripture means when it talks about "blessing." To be blessed by God is to have God's favor upon your life because of a rightful relationship with Him. He extends that relationship and blessing freely, by grace. In Genesis 6-8, we see God's favor upon Noah and his family: he was blessed by grace. Once Noah and his family come out of the ark, God blesses them again (9:1).

One would think the story should have concluded with a happy ending. However, tragically, it doesn't. The second half of chapter 9 tells us that Noah sinned, and so did his son Ham. The sin leads to a curse, and a forfeiture of blessing. Why? Somewhere along the way, Noah stopped striving for God's blessings. Unlike Jacob in Genesis 32:26 who told God "I will not let you go unless you bless me," Noah had stopped wrestling for blessing. Have you?

Join us tomorrow as we look at the incredible text of Holy Scripture found in Genesis 9:18-29.

Praying for you! Pastor Jan

P.S. Remember to turn your clocks back an hour before you go to bed – Daylight Savings ends tonight (Saturday night). Or if you have a hard time making it to church on time, don't change anything.

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