Jesus is (still) Lord & Savior

Dear Mosaic Family,Our country has elected a new president and we have all been through a rollercoaster of emotion.  However you feel, as Christians, we mustn't forget that the most important news in the world has not changed: Jesus is still Lord and Savior, our citizenship is still in his kingdom, our confidence is still in his reign, our joy is still in his salvation, our hope is still in his coming, and we are still family. However we feel, we must not overlook the phenomenal opportunity before the church today. We have an opportunity to live out the love of Christ by standing in the gap for all those who feel vulnerable, fearful, and alienated. We have an opportunity to boldly stand against anything that threatens life. So we stand with and fight for the unborn, the minority, the immigrant, for all who are oppressed and abused. We will use whatever influence we have to see that everyone is protected and treated fairly and equally. We stand against all injustice, lawlessness, and discrimination, wherever we see even a hint of it.

We also have an opportunity to show the world the only power that can truly heal the deep division in our country: the Love of God. By demonstrating the love of God in our church (especially to those who voted unlike us), we show the world what truly unites us. We are family. No matter what the racial and political divisions in America, we can be a church that embodies the reconciliation of the kingdom of God. We are part of a Body, a body that is Asian, black, Hispanic and white, whose Head is an Aramaic-speaking Middle-Easterner. We are a true Mosaic, diverse but united by the cross of Christ. Through the power of God's love, we can be a family of democrats, republicans, independents, libertarians, and everyone who voted for Harambe.

Ultimately, we are not united by the United States. We are united by Jesus Christ, who died for tax collectors and publicans, and yes, for democrats and republicans.

Join us tomorrow as we look at the incredible text of Holy Scripture found in Genesis 10-11, which actually speaks a profound Word into our cultural moment.

Praying for you! Pastor Jan

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