Cascading Blessing

Dear Mosaic Family,Below, you'll find a picture of the Meridian Hill Park Waterfall, in Washington DC. The thirteen tier cascade fountain is the longest cascading waterfall of its kind in North America. Starting from a basin at the top, the water flows from one basin down to the next. Each basin is continuously filled from the overflow of the basins on top, and shares this overflow with the basins below. In Genesis 12, God calls Abram (aka Abraham) and promises to bless him "so that you will be a blessing." This is how God's blessings work: when He blesses us, we are to receive those blessings with open hands, so his blessings don't just flow to us, but through us. We are not to be collectors of blessings, but dispensers of blessings. We are not to just be beneficiaries of blessings, but agents of blessings. We are not designed to be cisterns, but aqueducts. Does your life represent the cascading blessings of God?

Join us tomorrow as we look at the incredible text of Holy Scripture found in Genesis 11:27-12:9, as we wrap up our "Jesus in Genesis" series.

Praying for you! Pastor Jan

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Pre-service Prayer 
Join us in the upper hallway of the Temple Ohabei Shalom for a time of pre-service prayer on Sundays at 8:45AM and 4:30PM. It's an opportunity for us to pray for the church, the city, and the world.

Mosaic Youth Group 

Every Sunday, Mosaic holds a youth group gathering during the 9:30service. If you know anyone looking for a youth group, let them know!

Apologetics Seminars Do you struggle with making intellectual sense of Christianity? Would you like to help your non-Christian friends see the veracity of the Christian claims? Join us for an 8-week seminar tackling the biggest objections to the Christain worldview and faith. The class will take place during the 11:15am worship service in the balcony upstairs, October 2nd to November 20th. Please sign up by emailing

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