Get healthy this year by fasting!

As we continue our sermon series called "Spiritual" we'll look at fasting.

I usually try to get a well-rounded understanding of things from a number of different sources. And in my prep for this week’s sermon, I ran into all kinds of health benefits for fasting. I found several doctors that recommended fasting on a regular basis to control weight and even reduce bad cholesterol. As I was reading those I started to think, “Are those really the best reasons to fast?” Those may be secondary benefits, but we all know they’re not the reason. We fast for its spiritual benefits, not its physical ones. So I went to the Bible and figured out what fasting is, and could begin to understand what it isn't:

  • Fasting isn’t for weight loss or any health benefit.
  • Fasting doesn’t earn favor with God.
  • Fasting can’t save you.
  • Fasting doesn’t make us spiritual giants.
  • Fasting isn’t a command.
  • Fasting doesn’t bend God to our will.

Now, if you want to hear what Christian fasting is you’ll have to visit us tomorrow! Come worship with us at one of our three services 9:30a, 11:15a, and 5p.

So excited for tomorrow! Ivey Rhodes Mosaic Church Planting Resident