New Series: "Adulting"

Dear Mosaic Family,

Are you good at life? How are your life skills? Got the whole "adult" thing down pat? How's your "adulting" IQ?

Let's take a quick inventory. Can you change a tire? Know how to check your car's oil? How about the tire pressure? Know how to get your car registered and inspected on time? Do you know how to interview? Do you know how to keep a job? Do you have a plan for your career advancement? 

Are your finances in order? Do you know how much money you have? Do you know how much money you owe? Do you understand the fine-print of credit card and loan offers? How's your credit history? Do you have an emergency fund? Are you investing? Got a financial game-plan? Do you have a budget?

Can you cook a healthy meal? How's your knowledge of basic nutrition? Do you eat your vegetables? Do you exercise? When's the last time you went to the dentist or doctor for an exam? Do you do your own laundry? Can you hang a picture on a wall? Can you unclog a drain? Can you patch a hole? Are you organized? Have you done your taxes (if not, you're in trouble!)? Are you good at decluttering? Do you know the difference between needing to buy something, and just wanting it? 

Now the more important stuff: do you have a few great friends? Do you know how to make friends? Do you know how to be a good friend? Are you good at communicating? Are you able to communicate your emotions and needs clearly? Do you know when to use which type of communication? Are you good at dealing with stress? What are you addicted to? Do you know how to break addictions? Do you know how to control your desires? How about the whole marriage thing? Parenting? This whole life thing can be so overwhelming!! Don't you wish life came with a user's manual? Well, you're in luck!!

Adulting includes taking care of your health: physical, emotional, financial, and relational. However you will never be truly healthy and you will never truly understand life, if you're not spiritually healthy. 

Join us tomorrow as we begin this great new series through the ancient book of wisdom called "Proverbs," so you can learn to adult like a boss. 

Praying for you,
Pastor Jan




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