Getting Back the Faith You Once Had

Dear Mosaic Family,

Some people really like the smell of a new car, and don’t get me wrong, the smell of adhesives and foam is nice, but I love the smell of a new computer.

I remember when I got my first MacBook about seven years ago. It was glorious. I had been saving money and doing research for months. When it arrived, I opened the white Apple emblazoned box like an ancient sarcophagus (I swear, I almost heard an orchestral crescendo swelling as the lid came up). I loved that computer like a baby. Only I could touch it. Others could gaze in wonder, but only I could handle its unibody frame. I didn’t need rules to teach me how to take care of my Macbook, I just took care of it with meticulous effort because well, I cared about it.

Fast forward seven years, and yesterday my son pushed it off the couch following the completion of his pretend typed paper. I picked it up off the floor without much care, noticed that his sticky fingers had left little finger prints all over the keys, quickly threw the lid closed, and set it off to the side. Things have changed over the past seven years. That new computer smell vanished a long time ago. I no longer regard that computer as a finely crafted aluminum bodied technological marvel. For me, it’s barely more than a kids toy.

Many of you reading this might feel that way about your Christian life. When you first started following Christ, it was all so new and exciting. You were passionate about telling your friends. Every Sunday, church was more like Funday. Every worship song was your jam. You just adored your new found relationship with Jesus. You couldn’t get enough! Fast forward one, two, or three years and things have changed. You go to church and community groups because you know you should, but not really because you want to anymore. Maybe, you sing during worship, but you don’t really like the songs that much. Things have changed, and in quiet moments of honesty with yourself you wonder what has happened.

Tomorrow at church we’re going to talk about what to do when your relationship with Jesus is at that point. Join us as we work through Galatians 3:1-14. We’ll see a church that was at one point closely following Jesus, but began to fall away from their faith as time moved on. I think that’s a story all of us can relate to on some level.

Join us for worship tomorrow and bring a friend
9:30AM, 11:15AM, 5:00PM (1187 Beacon St., Brookline)

In Christ,
Church Planting Resident
Lead Pastor of Mosaic: Jamaica Plain


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