Who is the Holy Spirit?

Holy Scripture reveals that there is one God, God is three persons, and each person if fully God. Therefore, Historic Orthodox Christianity teaches that God is the Holy Trinity, in whom there are three distinct person, and the being of each person is equal to the whole being of God. 

Practically speaking, many people are comfortable relating to God as Father, and most are comfortable with understanding the divinity of Jesus. However, many Christians have a hard time relating to the Holy Spirit. Many can't grasp the Holy Spirit as a Person of the Trinity. Many relate to the Holy Spirit as a presence or a force. This is deeply unfortunate, because without a practical theology of who the Holy Spirit is, and how we can relate to Him, Christians miss out on much of His presence and empowerment in daily life.

Ever read some of the commands in Scripture, and just sort of scoff, "Live like that?! That's impossible!!" Well, yes, living the life God has called us to live is impossible, apart from the person and power of the Holy Spirit. 

Join us tomorrow as we dive into one of the most glorious texts in all of the Scriptures, found in Galatians 5:16-26, where we are commanded to "walk by the Spirit," be "led by the Spirit," and "keep in step with the Spirit." 

Praying for you!
Pastor Jan