Jesus among the Pluralists

Dear Mosaic Boston Family,

This sentence is false. 

Is it? 

There is no truth. 

Is that true? 

All beliefs are true. 
My belief is that all beliefs are not true.
Your belief makes my belief true, and yours false. 

Does your head hurt, yet? 

What is truth? Which one? There's the truth, and then there's the naked truth. There's the honest truth, and then there's the God's honest truth. We stretch the truth and bend the truth and twist the truth. 

We make truth claims "literal" when they are actually metaphorical: "I am literally going to die if I don't get a coffee." If we want someone to actually believe us, we add qualifiers: frankly speaking, truthfully, in truth, truth be hold, to tell you the truth. We have moments of truth, and we're lucky to get those. 

This is all a result of our culture's worship of the unholy trinity of pluralism (all truths are true), relativism (it's true for you, not for me), and humanism (you are the definer of truth). Join us tomorrow as we discuss Jesus among the Pluralists. 

Praying for you!
Pastor Jan


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