Jesus among the Modern Atheists

Dear Mosaic Boston Family,

Last December, the group American Atheists launched its annual billboard campaign with the slogan: “Just Skip Church -- It’s All Fake News.” In February, the American Humanist Association became furious when President Trump had the audacity to mention Christianity and Jesus Christ without also mentioning atheists—at the National Prayer Breakfast. Most recently, the Freedom From Religion Foundation spoke out vociferously because the Reverend Billy Graham was laid out in state in the Capitol Rotunda before his burial.

Modern atheists are not content to just personally believe in no God; they want to do everything possible to convert you to their godless religion. They are missionaries. Many of them are militant missionaries trying to bully as many people as possible into their non-church church. Their main weapons are not reason and science but ridicule and cynicism. 

I don't believe they are successful in proselytizing many to full-fledged atheism, because it's nearly impossible to live out the dark implications of this faithless faith. However, what they are successful in doing, is giving millions of young people intellectual cover to be agnostic (or "nones"), which is super convenient when you want to sleep around with whomever. 

Join us tomorrow as we talk about "Jesus among the Modern Atheists." 

Praying for you!
Pastor Jan


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