You can be anything that you want to be = FALSE

Dear Mosaic Boston Family,

Ever since I was a kid, my teachers and coaches would constantly try to inspire me to chase my dreams by saying something along the lines of "If you work hard, you can be anything you want to be." So I worked hard! I desperately wanted to make my middle-school basketball team. I showed up to try-outs ready to go! So did 120 other kids. In just a few minutes I realized my teachers and coaches had all lied to me. I could not be taller. I could not be more athletic. I could not have chosen to be born into the basketball coaches family. I didn't even make the first cut. 

We live in a world that is out of control and beyond our control. We work hard to create order out of the chaos of our lives, but even at the pinnacle of our powers, we can't control most of which sets the course of our lives. We don't choose when or where or to whom we are born. We don't choose our genetics. We don't choose our talents. We don't choose our childhood environment, or most of the circumstances we find ourselves in. We are finite, dependent creatures, and we don't like it. This is why the idol of control is so powerful. It offers us power, control, influence, authority, and we're willing to sacrifice whatever this idol demands to get everything it offers. In the memorable phrase of the psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover, "idols ask for more and more, while giving less and less, until eventually they demand everything and give nothing.”

Join us tomorrow as we finish our Detox series by studying the idol of control, with an analysis of the time when Jesus stood trial before Pilate

Praying for you!
Pastor Jan


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