MLK50 Conference: Honoring King’s Legacy by Pursuing Racial Unity

The Gospel Coalition and The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission have partnered in Memphis with local clergy and other organizations to host a conference on racial reconciliation in the American church on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assasination. 

Speakers include H.B. Charles (pastor, Shiloh Church), Charlie Dates (pastor, Progressive Baptist Church), Matt Chandler (lead pastor, The Village Church, Don Carson (professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), John Perkins (author, speaker), John Piper (founder, Desiring God), and Russell Moore (president, ERLC).

A variety of other speakers touched on issues of race and culture, and how they felt that the church—specifically, white evangelicals—is handling those issues.

“The Bible demands that we maintain unity,” said Dr. Eric Mason, pastor of Epiphany Church in Philadelphia. “It’s been secured by Jesus on the cross, we (the church) must maintain it now.” 

The sin of the evangelical church, said Dr. John Perkins, is that “we have divided along cultural lines” of politics, geography or culture.

”We don’t like equality, we like to be first,” he said.


To watch the livestream of this event or view scheduled events, visit this link. Past events can be viewed at the ERLC’s Facebook page.