You might be a legalist if...

Dear Mosaic Boston Family,

As we read through the Gospels, we see Jesus intentionally provoking the religious Pharisees over and over, most often for their legalism. Why? Doesn't He know it makes them angry? Of course He does!  

Legalism repeatedly rears its ugly head, both in the Scriptures, and in our lives. Legalism divorces law from love, commandments from covenant. The reason why Jesus deals with legalism so often, is because every single one of us wrestles with it at some point, at least to some degree. How can you discern whether you struggle with legalism? Well, I'm glad you asked! 

You might be a legalist if: 

  1. You try to improve God's Word by adding rules
  2. You pay more attention to other people's righteousness than your own
  3. You pay more attention to external righteousness than the heart
  4. You focus all the attention on the Letter of the Law 
  5. You can't make sense of Grace 

Join us tomorrow as we look at Luke 6:1-11, and discuss the ever-present spiritual malady of legalism. 

Praying for you,
Pastor Jan


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