Intoxicated with Scandals

Dear Mosaic Boston Family,

We live in a culture intoxicated with scandals, especially high-profile ones. We find these highly entertaining. We just can't look away. Our particularly favorite scandals include some moralist, preaching against a particular sin, which they end up getting caught in. It's like a well-crafted joke. The hypocrite's preaching is the set up, the personal violation of the sermon, the punchline. We are amused by a ruined life. 

Why do we find these scandals so entertaining? My hunch is, deep down inside, we love the feeling of contempt. Contempt is a deep moral emotion. It allows us to feel better about our own fallenness. "At least I'm not as bad as that person." Self-righteouss or moral superiority is always a rush. 

In Luke 6:37-45, Jesus calls us out for our contempt of hypocrites. He tells us that we are all hypocrites. We are all hypocrites with beams stuck in our eyes, condemning the speck of another's hypocrisy, and in our condemnation we only compound our own. Join us tomorrow as we study the every relevant topic of hypocrisy. 

Praying for you!
Pastor Jan


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