Love God and do what you want

Dear Mosaic Family,

How do you discern God's will for your life? What does God want you to do? What are the specific life goals you should be pursuing?

Augustine famously said, “Love God, and do what you will" (In epistulam Ioannis ad Parthos (Tractatus VII, 8). When love for God is the governing principle of our lives, our desires become aligned with His desires, our will with His. Love for God, leading to obedience and faithfulness, shapes our thoughts, desires, and actions.

This is helpful, but how does it apply to the specific decisions we have to make today? How does it apply to the goals we aspire to achieve? For the majority of our life decisions, God is mostly silent. Should I brush my teeth? What should I eat? Should I go to grad school? Which job should I pursue? Where should I live? Augustine would say, love God, and do the obvious thing.

Do you ask God what time it is, when you can check the time on your phone?
Do you ask God to audibly navigate you from one destination to another, or do you check Google Maps?

One of my favorite articulations of the interplay between God's Sovereignty and our responsibility regarding life choices comes from A.W. Tozer in He Leadeth me:

"Except for those things that are specifically commanded or forbidden, it is God's will that we be free to exercise our own intelligent choice. The shepherd will lead the sheep but he does not wish to decide which tuft of grass the sheep shall nibble each moment of the day. In almost everything touching our common life on earth God is pleased when we are pleased... God's choice for us may not be one but any one of a score of possible choices. The man or woman who is wholly and joyously surrendered to Christ cannot make a wrong choice. Any choice will be the right one...Take your problem to the Lord. Remind Him of these promises (He gives wisdom and guides by His Spirit). Then get up and do what looks best to you. Either choice will be right. God will not permit you to make a mistake."

Freeing, isn't it?

Join us tomorrow as we continue our "Tough & Tender" series by looking at the topic of "Lion-Lamb Goals." The text for our time together will be Proverbs 16:1-9.

With love,
Pastor Jan

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