Rhythms: Generosity

Dear Mosaic Boston Family,

Did you know the God longs to bless you? He takes delight in prospering His people (Dt. 30:9). God doesn't dish out his blessings begrudgingly or miserly. He's not penny-pinching with his blessings. Moreover, He isn't just waiting for us to come and beg for blessings. He is eagerly and enthusiastically pursuing us to shower us with His blessings. This, in fact, is the literal translation of Psalm 23:6, "Surely goodness and mercy shall pursue me all the days of my life." God is incredibly generous with his blessings. "Well, where are these blessings?" Many of us miss God's blessings, because we misunderstand true blessings. 

When people usually think of the word "blessing," they think of "prosperity" in terms of material things like health and wealth. The word for "blessing" in the New Testament is makarios, which actually means "the highest level of happiness." Therefore, God's greatest blessings are not material, but spiritual. God longs to give us makarios--inexpressible joy. One of the clearest paths to experiencing more makarios is generosity. Therefore, the way we experience a more blessed life isn't getting more, but giving more. 

God is a generous God.
God is also a happy God.
When we practice generosity, we resemble God.
Growth in generosity is growth in godliness and holiness.
The more holy we become, the more happy we become. 
Therefore, the path to happiness is generosity. 

As the Lord Jesus Christ taught, "It is more blessed [makarios = happy-making] to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). 

Join us tomorrow as we cap off the "Rhythms" series by meditating on the spiritual rhythm of generosity. 

Praying for you, 
Pastor Jan 


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