When God Commands the Impossible

Dear Mosaic Family,

Have you ever noticed that God's commandments are often impossible to fulfill? Love your neighbor as yourself. Love your enemies. Go and sin no more. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind. 

Many heretical theologies have been built on the presupposition, if God commands something, we have the natural ability to fulfill that command. One such false teacher was a gentleman by the name of Erasmus who taught in the 16th century: "if we can do nothing, what is the purpose of all the laws, precepts, threats and promises in the Bible? All these precepts are useless if nothing is attributed to the human will. If it is not in the power of every man to keep what is commanded, all the exhortations of Scripture are of necessity useless." Martin Luther, the great Reformer and theologian par excellence, responded to Erasmus' errant teaching with one of the most important theological works ever written, The Bondage of the Will. Luther responded, "When you are finished with all your commands and exhortations... I'll write Romans 3:20 over the top of it, "through the law comes knowledge of sin"... the commands are not given inappropriately or pointlessly; but in order that through them the proud, blind man may learn the plague of his impotence, should he try to do as he is commanded." 

Apart from God's grace, applied to our hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are helpless to do what God commands us to do. The great Augustine summarized this glorious biblical tension with the pithy gem from his Confessions: "Command what you will, O Lord, but give what you command." 

Join us tomorrow as we study Luke 9:1-17, where in response to the disciples' plea for Jesus send the 10,000+ crowd of people home because they were hungry, Jesus commands "You give them something to eat." Then Jesus proceeds to fulfill His own commandment, through the disciples' feeble, fraught, and faithless obedience. 

Praying for you!
Pastor Jan


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