Can People Change?

Dear Mosaic Family,

Why is change so hard? Why are old habits so hard to break? Researchers like Ann Graybiel at MIT have found neurological reasons, and the evidence is not that encouraging. Even after quitting a bad habit, and rewiring our brain with a new one, the old habit haunts us like a ghost, waiting for the right conditions to leap back into action. Graybiel explains, “This situation is familiar to anyone who is trying to lose weight or to control a well-engrained habit. Just the sight of a piece of chocolate cake can reset all those good intentions.”

Healthy habits are important. But moral habits are as well. Gossip, lust, greed, lying, envy, fits of anger, passivity, vanity, drunkenness, and the list could go on and on. There are things we do, that we wish we didn’t do, and have maybe even promised countless times to never do again. But they keep coming back to haunt us. It might leave us wondering if change is even possible. Controlling a behavior is one thing, but controlling the desire that led us to that behavior in the first place? Where do we even begin? It’s no wonder Scripture often talks about sin as a kind of self-inflicted slavery.

Join us tomorrow as we look at Luke 8:26-39 where Jesus meets a man so enslaved by sin that he’s barely recognizable as human. He was so out of control that he’d been chained, guarded, pushed out of society, and written off as dead. There was no hope for him to change. The most hope anyone had was that he would die before hurting anyone else. Then, he met Jesus…

Praying for you,

Pastor Shane



Sunday, March 10, 1-3 p.m.

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