"Fight for your Right," an American Blight

Dear Mosaic Family,

To say we have a problem with entitlement in our culture is the understatement of the century. You're special, I'm special, everyone's special.

"You deserve love. You deserve happiness. You deserve comfort.
You deserve the realization of all your deepest desires and dreams."

We buy into the narrative. We begin to expect love, happiness, comfort. Where is it?
Why hasn't it been delivered within 2 days? Where's the UberEats of happiness? 

Unmet expectations lead to chronic disappoint, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness.
Life, health, aging, and people don't treat us like we expect (deserve!). 
We get angry. We start blame shifting. We become bitter. 

This entitlement ethos has crept into American churches. We're taught that everything is a good gift from God. God longs to bless us, and He does. Once we have it good, however, we expect to maintain the goodness status quo. Now the gift morphs from grace to entitlement. We expect the same level of grace on a daily basis. Anything below this blessing baseline is considered a curse. If you're used to getting straight A's, the first B is a kick in the gut. If you expected Gold, Silver is a heartbreak. 

Behavioral psychology calls this anchoring, and the phenomenon finds expression in Holy Scripture. Job's baseline of blessing was higher than most of ours. However, he loses everything. Though heartbroken, he kept loving God. How could he do that? Gratitude.
His reference point: "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return." Everything in between was grace. Job didn't say, "The Lord took," but rather "The Lord gave."

When we know we deserve nothing, we're thankful for everything.
Grace replaces entitlement with gratitude, which makes us happy. 

Join us tomorrow as we study 1 Corinthians 9:1-23, where God teaches us:
don't fight for your right to be served; fight for your right to serve.

With Love,
Pastor Jan

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